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Guinevere's artistic journey began with studying photography as a studio elective at York University, where she majored in Fine Art Cultural Studies. As a practicing artist, she combines analog and digital photography with experimentation across diverse mediums, capturing the complexities of the socio-economic landscape. Her work explores how societal structures shape our lives, infusing her art with the experiences of others and her own as a woman of color, two-spirited, and solo parent.

Guinevere's creative process is rooted in her evolving identities, surroundings, and ongoing artistic progression. She believes that her humanity – flaws and all – is what lends her work its authenticity and depth. With a tactile approach, she revels in experimenting with different materials and mediums, embracing the freedom to break free from a single style. Like the ebbs and flows of change in the world around her – the very subject of her work – Guinevere maintains a fluid approach by continuously moving, learning, and embracing artistic evolution in her practice.

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